hey guys! I haven’t got any internet so I can’t really get anything through to you so I’m using the computers at reception. we have 6 days left in Fiji and it has been AMAZING so far. I have snorkelled for the first time, stand up paddle boarded- I am pro at that, I went to a tropical island called south sea, my favourite thing probably has to be Nadi though, the second biggest city in Fiji, it is the city closest to the island im staying at which is Denarau. we have been to the big fruit and veggie markets in Nadi, walked past the schools- the little Fijian kids are sooooooooo cute, the thing that  I found the most different to Australia is the safety standards, walking down the street tiles and footpaths are cracked and there is no ropes or anything around it, poles are bent and sticking out and it is just left bare in the ground. i might be able to skype you soon if i can get it to work. i will show everyone some photos when i get back.

bye, Taya ;p

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