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  1. Zac at |

    Hi Taya,
    That was a really good job acting even though you were nervous. Next maybe speak in a louder voice.


  2. Xavier at |

    Hi Taya,
    I liked how you brought a friend into it so you could overcome your fear. It’s good how Milly asked you questions an your answered them in detail.

    From Xavier

  3. Cameron at |

    Hello Taya,

    Well done for getting up and presenting your performance next time maybe speak a bit louder and more eye contact. Well done for going up with Milly.


  4. Caitlin at |

    Hi Taya,

    Good job getting up there, not being so nervous. I liked the way you explained about the gold rush, and with a big loud voice

    From Caitlin

  5. Jessie at |

    To Taya,

    I think that you were so brave going up there I know that you were nervous. I like how much you focused on your character. Because you answer Millys questions really quickly.

    From Jessie

  6. ilmdb08 at |

    Good job taya you put a lot of information in but maybe next time you could speak a little bit louder.

    Good job from Asha


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